Travel Tips


Travel tips and tips for travelers. What you need to know to travel well, for a world tour … or a simple trip!

Categories of travel tips:

Money on a trip How to save on a trip, how to manage your money, how to travel safely, etc. I also give good tips for traveling cheaper and longer.

Travel Safety Travel zen!
My tips for protecting your money while traveling, avoid problems and scams. Useful accessories for traveling etc.

Travel health
All you need to know about travel health. Vaccines, diseases, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes …

Travel accommodation
Tips for finding the most suitable accommodation.

Travel equipment
Shopping tips, tests, feature articles on equipment and accessories that I recommend for travel. It goes from the backpack to the shoes, to the clothes.

Practical articles on the formalities: passport, visa, permit and many other things.

Photo Tips
Photo and travel often go hand in hand. Practical tips to make your travel photos a success.

Travel Transportation
The different modes of transport when traveling, good deals, tips etc.

Travel Service
Useful services for travelers. Everything is here.

Languages while traveling
Communication while traveling, how to learn languages for traveling or traveling.