The Gulf of Alaska the Place Where two Oceans Meet but don’t Mix: Myth Busted

Finally, the myths behind this picture are busted and a logical, scientifically backed explanation has come forward from Kent Smith- whom the photo is attributed to.So what’s the story behind this unusual phenomenon? To keep it simple, here’s what happens:

These aren’t two oceans meeting but two different waters, namely- the glacial melt water which has a light blue colour and the saline sea water which has a dark blue colour.

The eddies (slow moving currents) which are huge in size, spanning over hundreds of kilometres in diameter spin out from the Alaska coast and jump into the gulf of Alaska. These eddies usually carry enormous quantities of glacial sediment from its glacial rivers like Copper River. These sediments when mixed later help to form iron. The two waters that we see in the photo are actually the water from the sediment rich rivers and the general ocean water.

The colour difference occurs owing to the difference in the density of the waters. The density of the water, along with the variation in temperature and salinity level is responsible to keep the waters distinct.

Also, the ‘meet but never mix’ myth is also busted. The waters eventually mix and the borders of the water are not static and keep on varying. While the photo and the scientific reasoning behind this photograph is cool, what we learn from this is not to believe anything and everything that you read on Internet, at least till you know the real facts that lie beneath.