The 3 Main Reasons To Better Use Your Time Now !


week around it. Make sure those family slots are locked away and known to you so that you don’t miss out on family time.

Dinners as a family

Food brings people together. Food makes people happy. Food makes people
closer. Why not have more mealtimes together as a family? Home cooked meals give even more time to catch up on the day’s activities before you sit down and enjoy the food. Eating together shows oneness and unity. Committing to this every single night might be difficult because of various reasons. You could however try eating together two or three nights a week and see how you progress from there.

Family hour

In a family where everybody is always busy doing their own thing, setting up a ‘family hour’ may be helpful in spending time together. You could choose a time that is most convenient for everyone probably in the evenings. During this hour, all phones are kept away and the TV is shut off. You can then all talk about the day you had or spend this time doing a fun activity. With only one hour to bond, there is still plenty of time to do other housework and for the children to do their homework or have their own ‘me’ time.

Movie nights or game nights

Having the time to do daily activities may not be practical for some families. In such an instance, the family may set aside one night every week, fortnight or month to spend as a family. They could plan fun games for this night or on a slow night just rent a movie and watch together as a family. Being together like